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2013 - Discoveries & Observations by Quantum GeoConsultants Group, LLC

2009 -Twin Peaks Phase 1 and Phase 2 Drill Report Summary

2009 - Twin Peaks Phase 1 and Phase 2 Drilling Program Video

2009 - Twin Peaks Phase 1 and Phase 2 Drilling Program Video

Twin Peaks

In 2002 USCorp acquired USMetals and its lode mining claims called the Twin Peaks Project. The Mining Claims of the Twin Peaks Project are located in West-Central Arizona, in the southwestern division of the Eureka Mining District of Yavapai County, Arizona, which includes many significant mines and prospects. The Twin Peaks Project is approximately 42 miles west of Prescott, Arizona, and 4 miles south of Bagdad, Arizona, where one of the largest open pit copper mines in the U.S. is located. The Twin Peaks Project claims are unpatented mining claims meaning we own the mineral rights but we do not own the land. 

The purpose of USMetals is to engage in the business of acquiring and developing mineral properties, exploring for gold, silver, and other non-ferrous metals and minerals within the contiguous United States. It is the further intention of USMetals to develop any commercially-proven reserves at its properties. The Company has recently completed an exploration and development drilling of portions of the Twin Peaks Project. 

Since 2002 USCorp has been developing and implementing its plan to bring multiple properties under Company ownership and to create strategic business relationships with other corporations, business professionals and properties in order to transition from an exploration stage company to development and production of its mineral resources.

Twin Peaks Project

The above map shows the 276 Twin Peaks Project claims group outlined. Newly added claims are on the left. Shaded areas indicated previous area of exploration.