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Picacho Salton

In 2004, USCorp formed Imperial Metals, Inc.  (formerly Southwest Resource Development, Inc.) as a wholly owned subsidiary of USCorp. In 2010 claims were consolidated in order to minimize overlapping and further consolidated in 2014 and are located in the Chocolate Mountain region of the Mesquite Mining District in Imperial County, California. The purpose of Southwest is to engage in the business of acquiring and developing mineral properties, exploring for gold, silver, and other non-ferrous metals and minerals within the contiguous United States. It is the further intention of Southwest to develop any commercially-proven reserves developed at its properties.

Since 2002 USCorp has been developing and implementing its plan to bring multiple properties under Company ownership and to create strategic business relationships with other corporations, business professionals and properties in order to transition from an exploration stage company to development and production of its mineral resources. Based on the recent reports of geologists and engineers, USCorp believes that Imperial’s Picacho Salton Project property has the potential to develop into a significant gold producing operation.

Map showing USCorp’s Imperial County, California mining claims.