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About USCorp

USCorp is a United States based exploration and development company. USCorp, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, USMetals, Inc. and Imperial Metals, Inc. (formerly Southwest Resource Development, Inc.), is engaged in the acquisition and development of mineral properties, primarily gold and silver, in the United States.

June 2015 Update: In 2013 we attempted to spinoff our two wholly owned subsidiaries but due to changes in regulatory rules and procedures we withdrew our spinoff paperwork. 

The Company is currently focused on two projects: the Picacho Salton project in the Mesquite Mining District of California and the Twin Peaks project in the Eureka Mining District of Arizona. USCorp has performed significant exploration work, including the completion of feasibility studies, environmental, ecological and biological reports and performed drilling.

USCorp explores and develops properties that meet our demanding criteria: